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Welcome to Caerphilly Nordic Walks

Caerphilly borough is a great place for outdoor activity. The former railway lines travelling north and south in a lot of the valleys have been transformed into fantastic walkways that pass-by towns, villages and follow rivers where a lot of new wildlife can be found.


As the term 'valleys' suggests there are a lot of ups and downs that can make walking that little more demanding, the upper landscape providing some excellent views for miles around. There are also many types of habitats from pine forestry to bare common land which brings with it different wildlife and weather conditions.


As the valleys are quite populated, you are never very far from a shop, pub or cafe to take a break from activities. Let Caerphilly Nordic Walks lead you through this fantastic area with other like-minded people who are looking to keep fit and do a little socialising as well.

What members have said...

I am so glad I joined my local Nordic Walking group. The walks are a highlight of my week. Right from the first session I was given expert tuition from our trained instructor. I've become so much fitter while enjoying wonderful scenery and not-to-be-missed glimpses of wildlife. All this in the company of warm and freindly people enjoying lively conversation as we complete the route.


I am 82, but Nordic walking is for people of all ages. I am convinced of the health benefits - it is more exercise than just walking and the feeling of well-being lasts for days.


Doreen, Blackwood

We have been in Ed's Nordic walking group for almost four years now, so we must like it! We go twice a week and it's definitely doing us good. The poles help with balance and support and take a lot of strain off knees and hips.


Ed Woolley is our instructor and makes things fun and the technique easy to learn. Thank you, Ed.


Tony & Theresa Jones, Blackwood 

At the age of 41 and after being diagnosed with Lupus, a disease which causes joint pain, muscle pain and fatigue, I was looking for a low impact form of exercise which didn't involve being cooped up in a sweaty gym. I began Nordic Walking in October 2014, and was instantly hooked, so much so that I bought my own walking poles!


It's a great all over workout which doesn't feel like exercise and you can take it at your own pace, which in my case can vary from day to day. Being out in the beautiful Welsh valleys in the fresh air, come rain or shine, really gets the Vitamin D and endorphins flowing, and the social aspect of walking with a friendly mixed group of all ages adds to the fun! Try it - it's addictive.


Sian Harris, Maesycwmmer

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