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We've added three new walks:

• Newport Wetlands

• Tredegar House

• Fourteen Locks Canal, Rogerstone

These three walks are managed by RSPB, National Trust and MBCT respectively.

These three locations add even more variety of landscape to the other established walks taking place around the Caerphilly borough. There is so much to see with the different weather conditions and seasons.

There's also a great opportunity for encountering a diverse range of wildlife, such as little egrets, curlews, kingfishers and herons.


The geography of these parks lends to the effectiveness of the walks, allowing us to get a good 90 minute session on mostly flat land. Plus, they all have good parking facilities, a cafe, and toilets.

Tredegar House and Wetlands take place on alternative Mondays at 11am;

Fourteen Locks walk at Rogerstone takes place on a Thursday at 11am.

We invite you to come along and enjoy walking in these great locations that compliment the other walks around the Caerphilly borough.

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